Prospecting is a game of accuracy

Prospecting is a game of accuracyYou can not hit a target unless you know what you are aiming for. Better accuracy occurs with a clear concise target. As a professional sales person if you waste time with a suspect that you think is a prospect that will turn into a lead you have just lost a lot of time and money. When we do not have enough business we lose the accuracy of our prospecting efforts and we get desperate. Just because a person would like to speak to you about your product or service does not qualify them to be a lead. Here is a question, do you have a well defined standard for your leads? The higher the goal, the higher the standard you need to have when you prospect for leads. When you get a name that you have not pre-qualified it starts out as a suspect. When you speak with them it becomes either a prospect or a name that goes into the trash can.
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Can you believe that shift?

outperform the competition - we need to focus our personal shiftAs a sales performance coach I can see how difficult it can be for my clients to transform themselves so that they can succeed in this current economic shift. Most individuals want to fall back to behaviors that have worked for them when the market was in a different climate. These old behaviors have proven to get them buy in the past which gave them a very false sense of security for today. If a person has a very big ego the harder it is for them to adapt and change. Continue reading