Role Play Pro


RolePlayPro is a unique Path2Pro tool widely used by our top clients to maximize the potential of our program. Almost all salespeople will run the other way when hearing the words “role play.” The truth is, most role play training is generic and irrelevant to real life situations. However – given the right structure and environment, role-playing is one of the MOST proven and advantageous tools there is to developing effective sales behaviors and skills.

RolePlayPro allows you to exercise creative techniques in a risk-free environment. It enables participants to brainstorm and practice analyzing and solving problems using real-world situations applicable to your business.

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Why it works:

–          Develops creative problem-solving

–          Ability to apply various selling solutions

–          Fosters confidence

–          Improves ability to analyze problems from multiple angles

–          Interactive environment with live coaching

–          Promotes practice without fear of retribution

–          Role plays are relative, practical, and useful

As sales pros, we must perform under pressure. The best way to perform under pressure is to PRACTICE performing under pressure. RolePlayPro is an ideal format to evolve your skills and strengths and learn to handle every sales meeting with ease.

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