Prospecting is a game of accuracy

Prospecting is a game of accuracyYou can not hit a target unless you know what you are aiming for. Better accuracy occurs with a clear concise target. As a professional sales person if you waste time with a suspect that you think is a prospect that will turn into a lead you have just lost a lot of time and money. When we do not have enough business we lose the accuracy of our prospecting efforts and we get desperate. Just because a person would like to speak to you about your product or service does not qualify them to be a lead. Here is a question, do you have a well defined standard for your leads? The higher the goal, the higher the standard you need to have when you prospect for leads. When you get a name that you have not pre-qualified it starts out as a suspect. When you speak with them it becomes either a prospect or a name that goes into the trash can.
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