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Cheri Heberling

I am the owner and creator of Super Body Care, a completely new approach to natural skin and body care with the use of plant oils. After quitting my job from well-paying corporate America, I found myself thrashing, delegating to the wrong people, and mis-managing my oh-so-valuable time as I plunged head first into my business that I had grown in tandem with my corporate career. They don’t teach “Changing the World” in school or books. An aspiring small business owner is an enigma, evolving constantly, requiring prioritizing of tasks and utilization of time, and growth. Bill has helped me harness my talents and energy effectively, and in my particular case, helped me build and hone my sales skills; the beating heart of anybody’s business! Because of Bill, my sales have increased by 45% and has helped me be the example and most importantly duplicate that example through to my sales team. I now make more profitable use of my time, delegate appropriately, and taste success more often than I ever have. Thanks Bill!!! You’re the best!


Cheri Heberling, Super Body Care


Claudia Maefsky

Thank you for this class Dianna. Bill did an amazing job!!!! Not only did my agents get a lot of appointments (11 out of the 15 participants were my team), when the class was over, my agents made the decision to have one prospecting night a week, all as a team, like we used to do 2 years ago. This class showed them that when they do prospecting together, with energy, powered up, and using Bill’s techniques, they have more fun, they are more efficient, and get the job done faster! So, I thank you, and bill for making this 2 days amazing and very very productive!


Claudia Maefsky – KW- Spokane


Kelly Klaers

I’ve been in a coaching program with Bill Crespo for almost 2 years now. I started out in a group call and attended his power hour every week. About a year ago I started one-on-one coaching with him.
Can I just say…Bill Crespo has changed my life. The personal coaching I have received has changed my life. I have learned more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses as a sales/business person and have made great strides in overcoming obstacles, (the ones I put in my own way as well as the everyday obstacles) and improving my skill level.
When I say “fun with numbers,” I mean it! With being honest with the numbers I have reached and the goals that Bill has helped me set, I now know exactly what I need to do in 2012 to more than double my business. It’s not rocket science! It is simple equations based on what I have done (more so in what I actually have not done and can do). How many calls I make to each appointment set to get a listing!
With understanding numbers, with understanding what I do that holds me back, with understanding the strengths I have and have improved on, my confidence has grown by leaps and bounds as a sales person. I no longer consider myself a Realtor who just randomly wants to make a certain amount of money because “as a Realtor, you can make so much money and have so much flexibility.” I consider myself a business person. I wrote a REAL business plan for the year; set my goals with reality, not fantasy; and know what it will take me to reach actual financial goals. One hears…”the truth will set you free.” So true… knowing the truth of your numbers… will set you free!
I cannot recommend Bill Crespo highly enough to become your personal coach! He will change your life!


Kelly Klaers, Realtor, Business Woman