No Dry Wells! Pre-qualifying business leads at the highest level

Thanks for stopping by. Today I’m talking about going on appointments and pre-qualifying your business prospects at the highest level and ensuring that you make a sale.

Why is change such a challenge?

Many business professionals are successful but still face the challenge of kicking bad work or personal habits and developing helpful ones. Why is it so difficult to create new positive changes quickly? Why do we fall back to old habits? How can you stop the madness? Glad you asked.

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What are you afraid of?

These challenging economic times have created many fears for sales individuals. The Following is one technique you can use to gain the upper hand.

I remember in the early days of my sales career being afraid of cold calling at the door of a potential prospect. Before going to the door I would drive around the block several times to build up enough nerve to knock on it. Unfortunately, I was dealing with a picture of the owner that I had created in my mind. He was 6’ 5”, cranky, cigar in his mouth, and not about to talk to another anonymous salesman.
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Sales teams that don’t adapt, don’t sell

Recently I provided sales performance coaching to the owner of a skin care company with an unusual product line that targeted people with sensitive skin and athletes. Within 90 days I taught her to focus on understanding personality styles, nonverbal and verbal cues, and other sales methods which led to a 45 percent sales increase. Not bad for a short amount of time.

What this business owner didn’t understand before the coaching was that people’s buying habits and needs have changed since 2008 because of some of the worst economic times we’ve seen in 100 years.

What we use to get away with in sales and management before 2008 is not effective now and will not be effective in the coming years.
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